Maryland’s Biggest St. Patricks Day Parade

st patrick's day

Is it the largest, or second largest parade in Maryland?  I have a feeling that this is the year we’ll find out!

While many people will be in Ocean City for the 34th Annual Home Condo and Outdoor Show, a large number of people will be here for Ocean City St Patricks Day Parade. So if you’re looking for a big party or a great parade, this is the place to be. Everyone loves to be Irish at Ocean City’s famous parade. Marching units, floats, and local celebrities. Parade begins at 12pm and travels Coastal Hwy. from 60th Street to 44th Street. There will be a fun festival with food, drink and merriment at the 45th Street shopping area at 11am.

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Welcome back to the beach.  Stay safe, have fun, and come back soon.

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