What to Bring to your Summer Beach Rental?

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Summer is here and now in along the coast of Maryland. It’s time to pack your bags and hop on a flight (or drive) to Ocean City for an unforgettable summer vacation. When planning your trip, you’ll want to first look at our Ocean City MD vacation rentals at Central Reservations. We’ve got an extensive selection of condo and rentals that will put you right near the beach. After booking your stay with us, packing for the beach begins!

Condo Necessities

Condos are going to be a little different from a hotel, so that means packing is also going to be different. As many of our rentals have washers and dryers, you’ll be able to pack lighter on the clothing side and heavier with other items. If you plan on cleaning your clothing, you’ll want to have laundry detergent. We recommend getting a smaller bag of the laundry pods which have everything all in one. If you don’t choose to purchase our linen and sheets package, you’ll want to make sure you have those packed and ready to go when you arrive. Along with that, you’ll want to ensure you have dishwashing detergent, paper towels, napkins, garbage and storage bags, dish cloths and towels, and your favorite condiments and seasoning for cooking.

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Health & Sun Repellent

Your number one item you’ll want to bring with you is sunscreen. This topical lotion is crucial for anyone wanting to spend time in the sun! Whether you’re fair skinned or have a darker complexion sunscreen is important for everyone as it helps protect your skin against sunburn of UVA and UVB rays. These rays can cause severe damage; we recommend traveling with a smaller size for when you’re out walking around while opting for a larger bottle when spending the day at the beach. You should try and after sun lotion or aloe vera if you happen to get burned while on your trip. Other health products you might want with include first aid kit, pain relief, and any prescription medication you will need.

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Beach Items

Most rentals won’t have beach items like towels, umbrellas, and toys. So you’ll want to make sure you have everything you’ll need for a day at the ocean. You almost cannot go to Ocean City and experience the beautiful beach, and we want you to be prepared for that day. Beach towels are a must or even a large beach blanket, so you don’t have to sit directly on the warm sand. Umbrellas, chairs, and coolers help make your beach day even better. Beach chairs allow you to sit off the sand; umbrellas can create much-needed shade, and keep food and refreshments cold. Plus, you will want to have some entertainment while visiting the beach. Bring a wireless speaker, toys for the sand, or even athletic toys like volleyball, football, or frisbee, to keep the group busy throughout the day.

However you choose to spend your spectacular summer vacation, let Ocean City be your guide to fun! Just don’t forget to pack our list of condo necessities, health and wellness, and our beach items. If you do happen to forget something, look at our A-Z rental service to help you out! Book your Ocean City MD vacation rental with us at Central Reservation today and start planning for your fabulous summertime retreat!

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