Final payment due 30 days prior to arrival date.

Your check-in and check-out location is Central Reservations, Inc., 6200 Coastal Hwy., Suite 100, Ocean City, MD 21842, unless otherwise disclosed.

If you will be arriving after 5 PM, you must contact our office for late arrival instructions.

The property owners we represent do not permit reservations for groups such as high school or college graduates. Reservations obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of all monies and Guest will not be permitted to occupy the premises.

Owner of the above Property, by Central Reservations, Inc., its Agent, in consideration of payments provided, does hereby grant a non-exclusive revocable Lodging Agreement to Guest for the above period and subject to the following terms and conditions.


Central Reservations, Inc. has an Agency relationship with the Owner of this Property. Agent has been hired and paid by Owner for the services rendered and will be representing the best interest of the Owner in all negotiations regarding this Lodging Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”).

Property (Premises):

  1. This Agreement must be signed by the Guest identified above and returned to Agent within seven days of the date noted above or Agent reserves the right to cancel this Agreement. Guest signing this Agreement must be the person to check-in or Agent has the right to refuse occupancy. Guest must occupy Property for the duration of this Agreement and will be responsible for all occupants of the premises for the duration of this Agreement.
  2. Guest agrees this Agreement may not be assigned or Property sublet for any reason.


  1. Agent must receive payment in full 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date. Guest shall not be entitled to possession of Property until all monies due are paid to Agent. Personal checks must be received by Agent 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date.
  2. Returned checks will not be re-deposited by Agent. Guest will be responsible for amount of the check plus a $30.00 fee payable to Agent. Guest must replace check with certified funds or the reservation will be cancelled.
  3. For rental monies paid by credit card, Cardholder acknowledges receipt of goods and/or services for the “Rental Amount” stated on this Agreement and agrees to perform the Obligations set forth in the Cardholder’s agreement with the issuer. Final payment will be automatically charged to the credit card on record, unless Guest contacts our office with alternative credit card information or regarding an alternative payment form.

Cancellation Policy:

Receipt of deposit is considered confirmation of reservation and the cancellation policy will apply at that time. Guests must submit a written request to Agent to cancel Agreement. Guests may cancel their reservation up to 60 days prior to arrival with no penalty. If cancelled within 59 days of arrival, the policy is as follows:

  1. Property re-rents for full amount: Guest will forfeit the processing fee.
  2. Property does not re-rent for the full amount: 1/3 of the gross rent, 10.5% taxes and processing fee are forfeited. Cancellations within 14 days of arrival date are charged 1/2 of the gross rent plus taxes and processing fee.
  3. Agent may cancel Agreement if Guest does not check-in with 24 hours of the arrival date and Guest will forfeit all rental monies paid.
  4. A transfer to another property, at Guest’s request, is subject to the cancellation policy shown above.
  5. No refunds will be issued for inclement weather, including hurricanes, or activities beyond Owner or Agent’s control.

Lodging Terms:

It is understood, mutually agreed and acknowledged by the parties to this Agreement that:

  1. Guest is granted a non-exclusive, revocable license for the use of Property during the reservation period. Owner or Agent may have access to Property in the event of an emergency, or for the purpose of inspection, maintenance or repair.
  2. Agent or Owner may terminate this Agreement and remove Guest at any time if, at the sole discretion of Owner and/or Agent, Guest become objectionable, violates any terms of the Agreement, Property rules and regulations or any City Ordinances. In such event, Guest agrees to immediately vacate Property without refund; and, neither Agent nor Owner shall be liable for any damages including, without limitations, incidental and consequential damages.
  3. No Landlord/Tenant relationship shall exist or be deemed to exist by virtue of this Agreement or the Guest’s occupancy of Property.
  4. The validity and construction of this Agreement and all questions arising hereunder or relating to the performance hereof shall be determined and be governed by the laws of the State of Maryland. The parties hereto agree that any action brought by either party arising out of this Agreement, or to enforce this Agreement, shall be brought in Worcester County, Maryland. The parties hereto each specifically waive any objections to venue, except as set forth above. In the event of any default or breach of any condition hereof, Guest shall be liable to Owner and/or Agent for any money expended for reasonable attorney’s fees, or other costs incurred, at Agent’s and/or Owner’s election in remedying said default.
  5. Agent or Owner reserves the right to cancel this Agreement at any time prior to Guest taking occupancy of Property. If Guest is denied access to Property for the time period for any reason whatsoever, Owners’ and Agents’ liability will be limited to refunding all rental monies to Guest. Guest hereby agrees to hold, defend and save harmless Central Reservations, Inc., Agent, from damages or injuries to persons or Property by reason of any cause whatsoever either in or about Property or elsewhere.
  6. It is mutually understood and agreed that Central Reservations, Inc. is acting as Agent for Owner and has no liability to either party for the performance of any term or covenant of this Agreement. All properties are individually owned and furnished to each owner’s satisfaction. Agent cannot be responsible for changes an owner makes in furnishings and equipment. Each owner establishes the rental rates for their property.
  7. Guest may inspect Property prior to paying a deposit and signing an Agreement. If Guest chooses not to inspect Property, then Guest agrees to accept Property as is upon arrival and will not be entitled to a refund of rent money and will have no claim or recourse against Owner or Central Reservations, Inc.


  1. Any pre-existing damages must be reported to Agent by Guest upon taking occupancy of Property. Guest covenants and promises to surrender Property in as good or the same condition as at the commencement of occupancy, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Guest is responsible for all damages inflicted on Property by himself, family or friends during his occupancy, along with court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred to collect damages. Owner and Agent shall have the right to inspect Property and make necessary repairs during the term of this Agreement. Property will be inspected after Guest’s departure. Guest agrees to pay an excessive housekeeping fee if Property is not left in a neat and orderly condition. Guest agrees to complete the following before vacating Property: 1) Clean and store all dishes and cookware. 2) Empty all food from refrigerator. 3) Make all beds. 4) Return furniture to its original placement. 5) Collect all trash and dispose of in building receptacles. All occupants must vacate Property, return all keys, pool tags and parking permits to Agent by 10:00 AM. Guest is responsible for Property until all keys, pool tags and parking permits are returned. Guest is subject to replacement fees for items not returned within a timely manner or additional rent if Property is not vacated according to the terms of this Agreement.
  2. Toilets shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed and no sweepings, sanitary products, diapers, rubbish, rags or garbage shall be placed therein. Any sewage line clog caused by Guest shall be repaired at the Guest’s expense. Guest will reimburse Owner for any damage caused by escape or overflow of water.
  3. If Property becomes uninhabitable by reason of fire or other casualty not caused by the negligence of Guest, his family, or his guests, the Agreement hereunder shall be terminated and Guest shall be entitled to a pro-rate refund from Owner.

Waiver Of Security Deposit:

This optional Waiver protects you from theft or damage which results from an accident within Property due to your inadvertent acts or omissions. The Waiver does not cover negligent or willful and wanton conduct. For more detail of the Waiver, please refer to the enclosed Terms of waiver detailing full terms and conditions that apply. You must notify Central Reservations of any damage or theft to Property during your occupancy, or this Waiver is void. Payment for the Waiver will not be accepted after Guest occupies Property. If you choose not to purchase the Waiver, a security deposit will be added to the final balance. Some properties only accept a security deposit.

Security Deposit:

If a security deposit is required, or you choose to pay a security deposit in lieu of the Security Deposit Waiver, it is to secure the faithful performance of Guest’s promises and duties contained herein. Said security deposit will be processed within 30 days of check-out date and will be returned to Guest less any costs for repairs, damages or excessive cleaning charges if Property is not left as required by this Agreement. Guest is responsible for reporting any existing damage upon taking occupancy.

Travel Insurance:

Optional standard trip cancellation/travel insurance can be purchased by you at the time of your reservation or any time up to 30 days prior to your arrival date, and paid in full at time of purchase. CFAR (Cancel for any reason) can be purchased at time of booking or up to 14 days after and outside 30 days before arrival. Please note that there are no refunds due to a hurricane or illness, injury or death if travel insurance is NOT PURCHASED. The insurance premium will be billed on renter’s initial deposit. For more detailed information, please visit https://central.rentalguardian.com/

Rules And Restrictions:

  1. Check-in time is between 3 PM and 5pm on your scheduled arrival date, unless stated otherwise in “Disclosures” section on reverse side of this Agreement
  2. Property is cleaned between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM and may occur as late as 6:00 PM. Guest must report cleaning problems to Agent within one hour of check-in or Agent will assume Property is acceptable.
  3. Guest shall not be entitled to any refund for inoperative appliances, air conditioners or other deficiencies. Agent, however, upon being notified of any malfunction will make every reasonable effort to have same repaired. Replacement of TV’s, microwaves, VCR’s, DVD’s and phones cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Guest must provide their own linens, towels, soap and paper products. Some properties may not provide blankets, clocks, radios, irons or ironing boards. If a phone is provided, long distance calls must be made by credit or calling cards. If long distance calls are charged to Property, Guest will be charged a $15.00 handling fee in addition to the toll charges.
  5. The opening and closing of pools is at the discretion of each individual building. Neither Owner nor Agent is responsible for closed pools or any other building amenity.
  6. Guest is responsible for removing all personal belongings from Property prior to vacating. Neither Owner nor Agent is responsible for theft, loss or return of personal items left in Property.
  7. Pets are prohibited on premises. Violation of this covenant would be grounds for immediate removal and forfeiture of all rental monies.
  8. Property shall not be used for any commercial activity or purpose that is a violation of any regulation of any governmental authority that has jurisdiction over Property. Ocean City has adopted a Noise Control Ordinance, which makes it unlawful to cause or permit noise levels that exceed those established by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of the State of Maryland (COMAR 10.20.01). Violation of this covenant would be grounds for immediate removal without refund if these noise levels are exceeded as a result of Guest’s activity on Property. Ocean City has other noise ordinances, which are civil or criminal offenses if violated.
  9. Guest agrees to abide by the building’s rules and regulations. Barbecue type cooking is prohibited on the premises of any multi-family property. Parking varies by building and is limited to the amount of spaces noted on this Agreement. Some buildings require additional fees for parking or use of amenities. Agent is not responsible for illegally parked vehicles. Some buildings cannot accommodate over-sized vehicles and alternative parking may not be available. Parking of trailers of any type is not permitted on the rented premises or public streets.
  10. Guest is responsible for any fees incurred for a lockout during the hours Agent’s office is closed, payable when Guest is admitted to Property. If Guest incurs a lockout during normal business hours, Guest may either obtain a key on-site at Central Reservations or have Agent deliver key to Premises and Guest may be subject to a delivery fee.
  11. No representation, agreement, undertaking or promises, whether oral, implied or inferred has been made by either Owner or Agent unless expressly stated herein.

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