Experience Maryland’s Wild Horses

horse at beach

If heading to Ocean City, Maryland doesn’t make for an unforgettable retreat; we’re sure that what you do while visiting, will get you there! When staying at any of our fabulous vacation rentals in Ocean City MD, you’ll want to experience the beauty and grace of Maryland’s wild horses. You can do all of this when choosing to vacation with Central Reservations.

Wild Horses

Whether you’re traveling with friends or you’ve brought the entire family along, a day trip to Assateague Island National Seashore is a must! You might be wondering how these horses got to the East Coast and why is it a popular location for visitors? First, while there is no valid evidence of how the horses got to the island of Assateague. There is some speculation that it may have been during colonial times, as they have been around, in the area since the 1600s!

As the island itself is divided by a fence (it straddles two states) for the respective Maryland and Virginia sides, so are the horses. With a total of around 300 ponies, roughly 150 for each state, they can roam wild and free, even on the sandy beaches.

The Pony Island

Assateague Island is a great place for a day visit, with miles and miles of seashore, forests, and more your family will love this once in a lifetime experience. We recommend checking out the Visitor Center which is located on the Maryland side to see more information and activities for kids. After this, head out on your adventure to find some wild horses. Before encountering any animals, please refer to the National Park Service site about viewing these horses from afar or you can learn about Horse Safety Tips at the Visitor Center. Don’t forget to visit the 37 miles of seashore for shell hunting, swimming, and viewing wild horses!

These horses are sure to bring a smile and great photo opportunity to any family vacation this summer season. You won’t want to miss out on this incredible and unforgettable moment when you head East and reserve one of our vacation rentals in Ocean City MD. As there are not many locations throughout the United States where you can view wild horses in their natural habitat, this is truly something you’ll want to experience this summer!

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