Top 5 Breakfast Spots in Ocean City Md

Top 5 Breakfast Spots in Ocean City, Maryland 

Today, we’re dishing out (pun intended) our top 5 breakfast spots in our beach-town of Ocean City MD. Spots that we promise will satisfy all of your taste buds and give you a great start to your day at the beach!  Our team believes that every moment of your vacation should be a memorable one. Food is something that brings us all together, and here at Central Reservations, we LOVE a great breakfast! If you’re staying at one of our vacation rentals in Ocean City, Maryland, consider checking out one of these restaurants for your next breakfast at the beach!

Barn 34

First on our list is a cozy restaurant located on 34th Street of Coastal Highway called Barn 34. Barn 34 has been a local’s favorite for years and boasts a welcoming and comfy ambiance. Known for their generous servings, warm atmosphere, and exceptional service, Barn 34 is a great place to grab a hand-crafted non-traditional breakfast before you and your family/friends sit on the beach all day. Their menu consists of both classic and wildly innovative breakfast dishes with an eastern shore twist. Our personal favorites- their fluffy pancakes and delicious eggs benedict. This is just the tip of the iceberg of their extensive breakfast menu… go check it out when you visit OCMD! Quick tip before you go, get there early, or expect a short wait……. (aka, don’t be surprised to see the line out the front door when you arrive – it just means the food is THAT good!).

*Fun Fact: for those of you who grew up coming to the beach, you might recognize Barn 34’s location as the old Christmas Shop – the local business that sold Christmas gifts, decorations and ornaments all year long.

Crepe Daddy

Next, we’re taking you downtown to Ocean City’s famous Boardwalk, where there is no shortage of places to grab a great breakfast bite. Two of our favorites are Crepe Daddy and Brass Balls Saloon. Both of these restaurants are just steps away from each other on 11th street of the boardwalk. While many of you may be surprised by our naming of the Brass Balls Saloon (known for their late-night live music, and draft beer) as one of our favorite breakfast spots, you won’t be nearly as surprised after you give it a try. This place offers an impressive breakfast experience as their menu is truly a testament to the All-American breakfast experience. Their scrumptious breakfast burritos, with bacon that’s cooked to perfection, is a great way to start off your day. If you’re ever having an “I need a drink to start my day” kind of day, their Orange Crushes are a great way to do just that! Plus, once you’re done with breakfast, you’re already in the heart of Ocean City’s Boardwalk, where you can take a quick stroll, hit some shops, and grab a box of local salt-water taffy before starting your day. Looking for something quick, but good? Allow us to introduce you to a relatively new addition to our list. A local business that’s absolutely CRUSHING it. Crepe Daddy offers a fun and memorable breakfast experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Ocean City… and you don’t want to miss it! True to its name, this business serves up some of the most delicious crepes you’ve ever had! Plus, they have both sweet and savory crepes, allowing you to satisfy whatever craving you woke up with that morning.  (Our favorite is the bacon egg and cheese breakfast crepe… but you’ve got to try their pizza crepe too!). If Crepe’s just aren’t your thing, they offer more traditional breakfast options, along with a great coffee and drink menu. Most important of all, the prices at Crepe Daddy will make your wallet happy!

Generals Kitchen

Next on our list is General’s Kitchen (located on 66th Street of Coastal Highway). This restaurant is as “local” as local gets! General’s Kitchen has been serving up some of the best breakfast dishes in Ocean City for decades, with families making sure to bring their kids to eat at the same restaurant they dined at with their parents when THEY were kids. Their famous homemade creamed chipped beef will warm your soul and make you want to go lay on the beach and take a nap ASAP (Believe us, we know!). We’ve done it ourselves and know it’s nearly impossible to have a productive day afterwards. With all the traditional breakfast classics, served up as if they were home-cooked, by the same friendly staff that’s been there for years, this is a ‘comfort stop’ if there ever was one! General’s Kitchen is a locally owned, family operated diner-style breakfast spot with a strong allegiance to ALL first responders and anyone who has served. Take a moment, look around the restaurant and you’ll notice all the hats and badges hanging on the walls. This place has heart, and we love and respect them for that! We HIGHLY recommend you check this one out.


Last, but certainly not least on our list is Layton’s on 92nd Street of Coastal Highway. Layton’s is a family owned and operated restaurant that is a must visit for anyone who appreciates home-cooked meals. Their homemade donuts, which come fresh out of the oven, and breakfast sandwiches are the epitome of comfort food. If you’re staying at one of our vacation rentals in North Ocean City, take a trip to Layton’s… you’ll be glad you did.

Wrapping it up:

These great breakfast spots in Ocean City, Maryland aren’t just about great food experiences. It’s about trying new things, supporting local businesses, and enjoying our local eastern shore flavor. Whether you’re planning to book a weeklong summer vacation, or a partial week vacation to Ocean City, Maryland, you have to try AT LEAST one of these great breakfast spots to satisfy your morning cravings.

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You can save up to 11% by booking direct instead of through a 3rd party such as VRBO, which can be more than enough to cover one- or two-family breakfasts at one of these awesome restaurants! Now that’s a deal almost as sweet as the Nutella Crepe from Crepe Daddy!

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