Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals: Tips for Traveling with Your Furry Friends

dog on the beach

Want to travel with your pet, but not sure how to make it work for everyone? Central Reservations in Ocean City, Maryland has the advice you need to secure a great rental and plan a vacation that everyone, including your pet, will enjoy! Check out our tips for pet-friendly vacation rentals and advice on traveling with your furry friend!

How to Have a Pet-Friendly Vacation in Ocean City, Maryland 

    • Book Early With Central Reservations
      Investigating rentals as far in advance as possible will ensure you have multiple options for you and your pet, and that you get the best price! Central Reservations offers a few pet-friendly vacation properties, available when you select “Pet Friendly” when searching.
    • Visit Ocean City, Maryland’s Dog Playground
      The Dog Playground features a fenced-in area for dogs to play, a small dog area, a doggie pool, and agility equipment. The playground has an application to register your pup and guests can purchase one, three, or seven day passes. More information is available at Ocean City Recreation and Parks.
    • Ask Questions Ahead of Your Stay
      Be sure to inquire about the property’s rules and amenities ahead of your stay, especially in relation to cleaning or other pet fees. And, if a property is not specifically listed as pet-friendly, assume it is not.
    • Take a Walk on Assateague Island National Park!
      Some beaches, including Assateague, have assigned areas that are dog-friendly, for furry-friends on a leash. Assateague Island also has a paved bike path that makes for a great nature walk!
    • Dine Out at Pet-Friendly Restaurants
      Some bars and restaurants have outdoor seating that welcome pets. You can also find local  Pet-Friendly Guides listing these restaurants!

Ocean City, Maryland is a vacation destination that you and your pet will love. Book your trip now with Central Reservations, and call our office at 410-723-4111 with any questions!

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